You can customize the results dashboard to reflect only those stocks that are either in the stock group (index, sector, or industry) of your choice, your watchlist stocks, or your portfolio. To select the stock group, you can select it from a drop down menu, and in the dashboard, the results summary is only for those stocks. 

Similarly, you can customize the results dashboard for your watchlist or portfolio. The dashboard will also show you the top performers in terms of revenue, profit, and operating profit growth from the stock group, watchlist, or portfolio that you have selected.

You can also find the worst performing stocks among the stock group, watchlist, or portfolio.

The results are grouped into the industry buckets based on the stock group you have chosen. You get a bird’s eye view of the performance of the industry based on the earnings that were declared. If you select a particular industry from the dashboard, then it will show you the various companies within that industry.