When an analyst at a brokerage downgrades the rating or recommendation or the target price of a stock, those reports are collated in this section. 

You can also search for recent downgrades by brokerages individually in this section.

You can also find broker upgrade reports on Trendlyne by searching for each individual broker.

In case you want to navigate to reports by analysts on a specific company, you can search for the company’s name.

Once you click on a company’s name, the reports engine will fetch all the published reports available on Trendlyne for that company.

In case you want to find reports for a stock group like an index, watchlist, portfolio, or on a sector, you can choose that from the drop down. The reports engine will then fetch reports only for that stock group.

You can also navigate to “All Recent”, “Newly Added”, “IPO Reports”, among others by clicking on this drop down menu as shown in the image.