Investors have access to various parameters like:

  • Buy Sell Zone parameters                        Deeper Fundamental Parameters

  • Mutual Fund holding summary                 Scores (Premium)

  • Futures And Options (Premium)               Other Premium Parameters

  • Insider & SAST Trading Parameters         Price and Volume

  • Delivery Parameters                                 Supports and Resistances

  • Quarterly results                                       Annual results

  • Daily indicator crossover                          Moving Averages

  • Candlestick Strength                                Pivot point

  • Technicals                                                Relative Performance Parameters

  • SWOT filters                                            Consensus Estimates

  • Broker buy/sell calls

By clicking on ‘All available parameters, you can see the list of all the parameters available on the Trendlyne platform. One can even search for a parameter directly through the search option.

By using the above parameters, investors can create queries based on Annual results, Moving averages.

Example on the construction of queries:

Companies with High ROCE and Low PE

Query : PE TTM Price to Earnings < 15 AND ROCE Annual 3Yr Avg % >= 15 AND Net Profit 2Yr Growth % >= 20 AND Net Profit Qtr Growth YoY % > 0 AND PE TTM Price to Earnings > 0

By running this query we get a list of stocks as shown below.

Higher DVM Stocks Among Midcaps and Largecaps

Query : Trendlyne Durability Score > 50 AND Trendlyne Valuation Score >= 45 AND Trendlyne Momentum Score > 65 AND Prev Week Trendlyne Momentum Score > 60 AND Market Capitalization in Cr > 60 AND Week Change % > - 5