Select screener from the options and choose to create New screener. 

Investors get to add their query in the Write Query section directly.

All the parameters available to choose for the query and also the condition to add can be selected.

All available parameters can be checked by clicking on them.

Step 1 - Add the query and select Try this query before moving to the next step.

A video is also attached for a better understanding.

Step 2 - You can add the Title for the screener and a description if needed also the query added can be modified/changed. 

Click on Save and Finish the screener will be created.

Example: Let’s create a screener using quarterly operating profit, market capitalisation for companies with a high ROCE.

Adding the Query:

Try this query:

Click on ‘Next:Step 2’

Add the Title and description, also make any changes if needed.

Select My Screeners - you will find the screener created.

What is the 'Advanced and Optional' feature in screener creation?

While creating a new screener, the first step is to add a query. 

From there, you will proceed to the ‘Advanced and Optional’ section. 

Here you you have the flexibility to:

  • Choose how the screener results should be sorted by selecting 'Sort By'.

  • Include additional 'Parameters' to refine your screening criteria.

  • Define a 'Max Stock Limit' to control the number of results shown.

Once you've made these selections, click on ‘Save and Finish’ to complete the creation of your screener.