Many screeners are provided with the backtest feature to help the investor and traders check if the same strategy would have worked in the past. The backtest data helps in understanding the stock’s performance and returns.

For Backtest, follow these steps.

First, we have to make a copy/Duplicate of the screener by clicking on it.

Then select the watch icon as shown below.

You can choose the Start and End date and the Stock segment like NIFTY50/NIFTY500

By clicking on the Advance option you can configure the preferences and also number stocks in Max stocks.

by selecting Run Backtest the result of the backtest will be displayed.

An Overview of the returns over the past months is shown.

Period analysis - Returns over the backtest period

Previous backtests summary is also displayed

Imp: Please note that current universe constituents of an index are applied throughout the backtest. It does not adjust for past changes in past periods. In case you need to pick stocks by high market cap instead, then use "All Stock" universe with a market cap filter.