DVM scores are a combination of good (G), bad (B), and medium (M). A score above 55 is considered Good, Score between 55-35 is considered neutral/medium and a score below 35 is considered Bad.

Based on the combination of DVM scores the stocks are categorized into various classifications, like : Strong Performer, Value Stock Under Radar, Expensive Performers, Falling Comet, and many more.

Strong Performer - Strong Performer stocks are those with high DVM scores, rating above 50-55 across Durability, Valuation, and Momentum.

Value Stock, Under Radar - Companies falling under the Value Stock, Under Radar bucket are those with high Durability and Valuation scores (above 50-55) and a low Momentum score.

Expensive Performers - Expensive Performer stocks are those with high to medium Durability scores, expensive Valuation, and midrange Momentum.

Falling Comet - Falling Comet stocks are weakening stocks in terms of Durability or Momentum, falling below the lower thresholds.