Investors can create a custom DVM query by using parameters like Trendlyne Durability ScoreTrendlyne Valuation Score, and Trendlyne Momentum Score. One can select and create a new screener.

Once you select the create new screener option the query can be entered in the section as shown below.

Let us construct a sample query using DVM parameters:

Example query - Trendlyne Durability Score >= 50 AND Trendlyne Valuation Score > 55 AND Trendlyne Momentum Score > 60.

This query will give you stocks that have a high DVM score. Run this query and click “next” to add the title and description to the screener. 

Investors can customize their preferred stock group by choosing it directly.

One can add additional columns in the list to be displayed as per requirements.

Select “save and finish”. The DVM screener is created and ready. You can now also create alerts on this screener by clicking on the bell icon, for entries and/or exits.