Hello! For most users, the DVM Stock Scores, Expert Screeners, watchlists and alpha alerts are great places to start. 

Trendlyne's Forecaster (eg: Infosys) provides users with analyst estimates for future share price targets, future revenues, profits, and more (See video on Forecaster).

Try our Alpha Alerts product to set real-time portfolio and watchlist alerts. (You can set up alerts to get notifications on your phone once you download the Trendlyne app). 

We have tutorials available on learn.trendlyne.com, which includes a step by step guide on how to for example, run a backtest, create a screener and set alerts.

We also have a Youtube channel with additional video guides.

1. New Investors: https://trendlyne.com/investors/new-investor/
2. Expert Investors: https://trendlyne.com/investors/expert-investor/
3. Analysts: https://trendlyne.com/investors/analyst-advisor/

Subscribers have alerts pre-set for our top screeners, including the DVM Select which chooses high scoring stocks. You will get notifications on your email when stocks enter this strategy.