You can also track Insider Trading & SAST trades of Superstar investors. These disclosures are made by corporate insiders: promoters, directors, and large shareholders who are buying and selling shares. Each corporate insider and large shareholders’ public portfolio is available as a Superstar investor.

The key insider or SAST trades that are tracked here are:

  • Acquisition (Buy): Purchase of shares

  • Disposal (Sell): Sale of shares

  • Pledge: Shares being used by promoters as collateral for loans. Usually a negative signal.

  • Revoke: When shares are released from a pledge. Usually a positive signal. 

  • Invoke: When pledged shares are invoked by companies/banks who have provided the collateral, which may result in the acquisition of a stake in the company. Usually a negative signal. 

  • Data as reported to BSE and NSE.

You can track these trades for these corporate insiders and large shareholders by adding an alert for Insider Trading & SAST trades to keep track of these trades as they are disclosed to the exchanges.