Some other features that are available on Trendlyne are SWOT analysis and checklists for stocks. These are available on the stock overview page. Here is an example for Infosys

SWOT analysis:

SWOT is a Trendlyne product that gives users insights on a stock and helps identifies the company’s Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

You can also find out if a particular stock in question shows up in some of the popular screeners available on Trendlyne under the ‘Others’ tab in the SWOT window.

These are subscriber only screeners like Expensive Performers (DVM)Average Financial Performers - Stocks with Medium Trendlyne Durability Score versus Benchmarks under SWOT alongside others.

The Trendlyne Checklist helps users to evaluate a stock based on its financial performance, find out any recent changes in the company’s ownership structure…

…and also compares the company’s performance vis-a-vis its peers.

The News by Trendlyne section on the mobile application and on the website provides users and subscribers with original analysis from Trendlyne’s team of in-house analysts. These include a live market blog–Marketwatch, deep-dive articles on companies and sectors, analyst picks, and much more.

Then there are earning calls which helps investors and users track conference calls the company’s management conducted with analysts or institutional investors Call transcripts are available once the company releases them. You can also find conference call recordings if you would prefer to listen to calls yourself.

Rapid results are the results shared by the companies on the basis of their performance over the quarter which is readily available for investors on the go.

Trendlyne’s Backtesting helps investors in finding the best investment strategies by testing them during different periods of time in the past.. Through backtesting, one can check for the performance of the strategy or the stocks in one’s portfolio. Backtesting is an exclusive feature available for subscribers.

Forecaster gives investors with consensus estimates with share target price with detailed analyst calls for the stocks. One can have a complete insight into the financial performance and the analyst recommendations through Forecaster.