Investors can search for the funds directly through the search option. If one searches for schemes from Axis Mutual Fund in the search box, a drop-down menu with the list of available funds will appear. You can visit the mutual fund scheme’s page and find more details about the fund.

An investor can search through the drop-down menu to see the various types of funds available. Let’s take a look at Axis Bluechip Fund.

The scheme’s returns for direct or regular scheme types can be identified by clicking on Regular and Direct. Once you select an option, the graph on the right-hand side changes accordingly. The graph shows the returns from the scheme for various years.

The current NAV is shown on the left side of the page for both regular and direct plans. Below the NAV one can see the Morningstar rating for the scheme. The rating shows the fund’s performance on a scale of 1-5. 

One can also check for the performance of the fund over periods like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years.

For 6 months:


For these same periods, you can identify if the funds are in the top, middle, or bottom of their category based on their returns. Additionally, for each of the periods, you can find the absolute returns, the highest and lowest NAV. 

One can also check the degree of risk associated with the fund and add it to the watchlist, or their mutual fund portfolio.

The mutual funds are compared with the benchmark showing the performance of the fund in the past and the returns generated. For example, in Axis Bluechip Fund Dir Gr the benchmark index is S&P BSE 100 India Total Return Index. The category returns for the fund are available over the years giving an idea of the fund's performance.