Another feature that can be used to check the fund’s performance is the Trendlyne Pass Scores under  ‘Check Before You Buy’. This gives an insight into the performance, operations, portfolio, and risk/reward of the fund. These classifications score the fund out of 25 points.

  • Performance 

If you click on the performance section, you can check for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term returns of the scheme. One can also check the fund performance during bull or bear markets and also capital protection during a downturn. 

  • Portfolio

If you click on the Portfolio section, you can check if the current portfolio valuation is cheaper than the scheme’s peers, and how well the fund is diversified. One can also check if the fund has enough money to handle redemptions, and its asset quality compared to peers.

  • Operations

If you click on  Operations, one can check if the scheme has been active for five years, and the consistency of its Morningstar rating. One can also check if the fund is too big or small and whether it charges a nominal expense ratio.

  • Risk Reward

In the Risk Reward section, one can check for the fund's volatility over the past year, annual returns compared to its peers, and performance against its benchmark over one-year. You can also check the same parameters (annual returns, volatility versus peers, and outperformance to benchmark) over the long term.