Trendlyne’s stock comparison feature allows investors to compare stocks from different industries or sectors.. The feature helps you to compare any two stocks across 35+ parameters, including fundamentals, technicals, shareholding, and others. 

Investors can do an in-depth analysis of stocks with the help of this feature. The result identifies a winner and a loser, depending on which stock scores better on various parameters.  

You can access the feature directly under the tools section, as seen in the screenshot below.

You can also access this feature in the peer group section of stocks.

You can select a stock and go to the peer group section to choose a second stock to compare it with. Click on the stock comparison logo and the winner/loser results will be displayed.

You can also compare stocks through the Watchlist page.

The comparison feature is also available on all the indices pages

For e.g.: BSE 100 makes the stock comparison bar available over the index table. 

You can compare stocks of your choice. The option is available at the bottom of the page.

Here the compare stocks option is right below the home button.