When you open the IPO dashboard information like Open IPOs, Upcoming IPOs, Recently listed IPOs, Gain/Loss analysis of listed IPOs, and articles/reports on various IPOs are available. The DRHP and RHP documents are also available on the page.

You can search for IPOs directly from the search bar as shown below.

Open and Upcoming IPOs

  1. The Open IPOs section shows all live IPOs.

  1. The upcoming IPOs section shows companies with the details of the issue available, but is yet to go live for subscription. These have an “Opening Soon” tag.

Recently listed IPOs

Recently listed IPOs are the list of IPOs that have already listed on the exchange i.e. BSE/NSE. It also shows subscription data by QIB, retail, and HNI investors.

  • QIB - Qualified Institutional Buyers are institutional investors.

  • HNI - High Net-worth Individuals are the ones who invest more than 2 lakhs. 

  • Retail - Retail individual investors are the ones who invest less than 2 lakhs.

  • Issue size - is the number of shares exchanged to raise capital by a company.

Gain/Loss Analysis

Gain/Loss analysis of the listed IPOs highlights whether the IPO listed is higher or lower than its issue price. If the IPO lists higher, it is calculated as a gain percentage, and if the IPO lists lower it is calculated as a discount percentage.

  • Listing gain percentage shows the % change in stock price on the listing day compared to the allotment price.

  • Current Gain percentage is the % change in stock price from its listing price to current trading price.

Articles Section

The articles section on the IPO dashboard page shows the analysis on the IPOs going live. Trendlyne’s analysts also do a study on the IPO to help customers understand the core of the business. 

E.g. if you click on the Dreamfolks’ article, you can land up on the post and read the in-depth analysis on the IPO.

Draft issues

Draft issue IPOs are the companies who have filed for an IPO and are yet to receive approval from SEBI to go live for subscription.