You can select any IPO from the dashboard and see details like bidding dates, issue size, promoter holdings, subscription rates, important dates, listing information, reports, information about the company, strengths, risks, and FAQ. 

Let's take a look at Syrma SGS Technology Ltd.

IPO information

The IPO which is live or recently listed is also highlighted with the oversubscribed or undersubscribed tab. This indicates whether a lot of people are subscribing for the IPO (oversubscribed) or not (undersubscribed). 

You can also see information like: 

  • The minimum amount required to apply for the IPO

  • The lot size stands for number of shares allotted in one application for the investor. 

  • The number of shares that are made public by the company

  • The price band (range) for the IPO

  • The percentage change in the promoter holding (%) 

  • The issue size and the RHP document with the link

Subscription rates

Subscription rates show the percentage of shares investors have applied for in an IPO.

A detailed, day wise subscription rate is also available for your information.

Important dates

The bidding dates are available at the top of the page.

The important dates section shows the dates of the issue open and close, allotment date, refund date, demat credit, and listing date.

Listing gains

Once the IPO is listed the listing day price, closing price, listing gain %, and the current gain % information will be available.

About the company

You can also read on the information about the company, promoters, and objects of the issue.

  1. Information on the book running lead manager and Registrar to the Offer is also available. 

  1. Strengths and risks of the company are also explained to give you a clearer picture of the business.

3. The company financials are also available for you to glance through the performance of the listing company over the years.

IPO report

IPO reports section provides Trendlyne’s analysis and reports from various brokerages for the issue. You can read through them for an in-depth understanding of the IPO on offer.

FAQ section

The FAQ section is available in case you have any questions related to that particular IPO.