The Forecaster dashboard provides you with different parameters and also gives you the option of adding the forecaster query as a screener. You can also filter the query using the ‘watchlist/portfolio’ option.

How can you choose parameters? 

Select parameter provides you with a drop-down menu as shown below. You can choose a parameter from the list and run the query for your analysis.

How can you add the ‘Forecaster query’ to your list of screeners?

The Forecaster Dashboard also gives you the option of adding these parameters to your list of screeners with the ‘Save this screener’ feature. The parameter you select has an inbuilt query.

Once you click on save this screener, you will be redirected to the screener page with the query already reflected in the ‘Write Query’ box.

You can change or add other parameters to your query, or just proceed with the existing one and click on Step 2.

Once you enter the title and optional description for the screener, click on Save and Finish and this will be added to the list of your screeners. You can then access these from the My Screeners section. 

How can you filter queries?

The Forecaster Dashboard also gives you the option of filtering results with the ‘choose watchlists/portfolios/index’ option as shown below.

If you want to filter the results according to your portfolio or watchlist stocks you can choose that option from the drop-down menu and the results will be filtered accordingly.

How can you use column filters for your analysis?

The Forecaster Dashboard also allows you to sort the columns on the dashboard from highest to lowest or vice versa. Do this by clicking on the arrows next to the column names.