On the Discover page, you can see features like ‘Trending now’ and ‘Trending in last week’. These features help you use preset dates to look inside filings and reports. You can also change the dates based on your preference. You can search through upto 60 days of documents at a time. 

What is ‘Trending now’?

Trending now option shows you reports of that specific day according to the keyword search made. You can choose from presets or search with your keywords. Reports or filings available in association with it for the day will show up in the results. 

E.g., if you are searching for reports on resignations on September 30, it will show PDFs related to resignations dated September 30.

E.g. 2: If you select Results, the search query will search through the filing subtype of results.

E.g. 3: If you select Conference calls, the query will give out the results for conference call posts for that particular day, as shown below. One can try this with other options like board meetings, AGM, broker reports, etc.

What is ‘Trending in Last week’?

Trending in the last week provides you reports, filings, and announcements that came up in the last week from the day of the search, as per the keyword query put in.   

E.g.: If you select Major resignations, this will fetch reports/filings/announcements having the keyword ‘major resignation’ as shown below. Since the search was carried out on September 28, the PDFs reflecting in the results will range from the date September 21 - September 28.

  1. Similarly for Dividends - this will fetch reports/filings/announcements having the related keywords for ‘dividends’ in them for the past week, as shown below.