Trendlyne’s Discover feature also gives you a custom search option. You can directly search for the report or announcement for a particular keyword in the search bar.


  • You can enter the keywords/phrases and also add a date range to the search. You can search for documents within a 60 day period.

  • The default stock group selected is ‘All Stocks’ but you can change the Stock Group option according to your search criteria. Basic options like Nifty 50, and Nifty 500 are available. You can also choose your watchlist as an option to filter out results.

What is Advanced Search?

Advanced/Help gives an insight into what results from the query are likely to show with the keyword and punctuation you use while entering it in the search bar.

There are three conditions for keyword search:

  1. Using the keyword with single/double quotes fetches exact phrases for the searched keyword. 

E.g. when you input the keyword “credit rating” with quotes in the search bar, the results shown contain the exact phrase.

  1. Using the keyword without single/double quotes throws all the results which have the keyword credit or rating, as well as “credit rating”, in the reports and PDFs.

  1. Using two keywords - one with single/double quotes and one without them shows you search results which has either of the keywords in the reports.

E.g. when you input the keyword “credit rating” or rating revision in the search bar, the results shown will have either or all of the keywords in the reports.

How to use Discover with your own keywords?

You can also use your own phrases as keywords to search with Discover. This feature helps you save time as it gives direct results of the searched phrase. The keyword will generally be highlighted in the reports/filings/announcements once the query throws the results.

E.g.: If you search for “earning call”, the keyword ‘earning calls’ will be highlighted in the results.

E.g. 2: If you want to search for rising input cost all reports with these keywords will be highlighted and reflected in the results.

How can you search for documents using multiple phrases?

You can also search for documents using various sets of keywords.

  • You can create your phrases using the multiple keywords option for your search. The results generated will have the keywords you scouted for in the first place.

  • You can use ‘or’ & ‘and’ while using multiple phrases.

E.g.: If you want to search for Results, you can create a phrase like “results“ or “quarterly result” or “standalone result” or “consolidated result”. All the results generated below will have these keywords.

E.g. 2: If you want to search for major resignation, you can use phrases like “major resignation” or “resignation” or “management resignation” or “CEO resignation”. All the results generated will have the above-mentioned keywords.

How do you search for documents using exact phrases?

The exact phrases search is important in helping you find exact keywords from the reports. You should use the punctuation of the double quote (“ ”) to create an exact phrase.

E.g.: If you want to search "Strategic objectives oriented towards stability", you can type the phrase in the search box within the double quotes and you will find reports with this phrase in them.