The ‘Insider trading & SAST’ feature provides you with the acquisition and disposal of shares made by promoters, directors, or key persons.


You can search for a particular deal or stock by entering the text in the search bar.

For e.g.: When you type in Coal India in the search bar you are able to see all insider trade transactions related to Coal India. You can also search in the table using terms like ‘Market Sale’, ‘Promoter’, and so on. 

E.g. 2: You can also search for deals other than company stocks, like ‘SBI funds’ :

You can use the advanced search by adding a single apostrophe with the phrase, (‘ ’),  like ‘SBI funds’ and all the latest deals will show up in the results.

Trendlyne also has a Screener section available to access screeners based on ‘Insider and SAST parameters’. 

These screeners will help you in tracking these transactions. You can also set screener alerts to receive alerts when these screeners change.