The rewind feature in the Screener section allows you to check what stocks the screener query would have selected in past time periods.

You can click on the rewind option as shown below:

For example, let's consider the screener DVM - High Return, Highly Durable Companies

  • You can select a date from the available list and the result will get updated accordingly to show what stocks this screener would have selected on that date.

  • If you select 30-Aug-22, the screener result will change as shown below. All the data shown during that time period will be as of that date (30 Aug 22), You have a full and accurate view of that particular date.

  • You can use this feature to view screener results from past dates. You can even download the list using the ‘Export’ option in a CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

  • Some of the fields are not supported in the backtest and rewind feature. The list of these fields can be found here.