The Portfolio analysis feature gives you several insights into parameters like consolidated benchmark performance, statistics, top gainers & losers, and top earnings & valuation stocks of your portfolio.

What does ‘Consolidated Performance’ do?

Consolidated Performance calculates the aggregate performance of your portfolio stocks against Nifty 50. It also shows consolidated portfolio value, stocks portfolio value, MF portfolio value, day change, and unrealised gains. 

What is the ‘Statistics’ feature?

The Statistics feature provides you with statistical data on profit growth, price to earnings, price to book, and dividends shown as percentage change (%) as compared to the Nifty 50 benchmark.

Statistics is also useful to find out  whether your portfolio stocks increased or decreased against the benchmark, as shown below.

Identifying the ‘Top Gainers and Losers’ in your portfolio

Top Gainers and Losers feature shows you portfolio performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can generate data for your stock holdings or mutual funds, as per your choice.

  • You can also see the top winners and losers in your portfolio as shown below.

Identifying the ‘Top Earnings and Valuation’ stocks in your portfolio

Top earnings and valuation analysis provides information on your portfolio valuation and financial health, checking the 12-month earnings growth and trailing 12-month PE against the Nifty 50 benchmark.