1. Stock group option above all screeners.

While accessing a screener you have the option to filter the stocks using the stock group dropdown. 

While accessing a normal stock screener, the table will generally reflect all the stocks that fit into the query criteria. 

You can select the ‘Group’ option as shown below, browse through the various stock group options available, and filter the stocks.

You can choose stock groups like Nifty 50, Nifty 500, or your watchlists and portfolios to narrow down your results. 

You can also sort the stocks according to your preferred industry, sectors and indices.

While creating a screener you can select a preferred default stock group (optional) from various options available like Nifty 50, Nifty 500 and so on.

This will help you in narrowing down your search. Once the screener is created and if a default stock group option is not selected it shows all the stocks that fit into the query criteria.

2. How to set a default stock group option in screeners created by you

In case you have created a screener and want to set a default option, you can always click on the edit option as shown below. 

You can now set the default stock group for your screener. For example, if you want the default stock group to be Nifty 50 you can click on edit and update the stock group. You can see this option while creating the screener as well.

Once done, click on ‘Update & Save’ and the default stock group would be set to Nifty 50 in the above case. The default stock group would also reflect in your screener title once set.