Stock screeners are updated realtime. The results change as data flows in every time you refresh the page.

Screener Alerts however are evaluated at configured time slots.

A stock enters the screener if it meets the the query criteria.

A stock exits the screener if it had met the query criteria in the earlier time slot evaluation, but no longer matches the criteria.

You can always check the stocks that exit the screener by clicking on the exit tab as shown below:

To be notified of the stock exits, you can set the time interval, stock group and type of alert and modify the alert to receive regular updates on their registered email IDs.

Emails and notifcations for Screener Alerts

Emails and notifications are sent when there are new Exits or Entries in the screener. No email or mobile app notifications are triggered if the active stocks remain the same in the screener.

If you are not getting emails and notifications please check the following:

1. Has there been any change in the screener?

2. Have you disabled the emails or mobile app notifcations?

You can manage your email alerts from this link