You can group stocks based on industries, sectors, indices, portfolios or watchlists using the ‘Data Downloader’ feature and select metrics to show for these stocks. The system allows you to choose two stock groups and three parameter lists, as shown below.

After choosing your metrics, click on ‘Download Data’ to save it as an Excel sheet.

Example 1: Excel based on watchlist and indices 

Stock groups selected are ‘My stocks’ and ‘Nifty 500’. Parameters selected are ‘Price and Changes’, ‘Volume and Delivery’ and ‘Top performing stocks’.

Example 2: Excel based on watchlist and portfolio 

Stock groups selected are ‘All portfolio stocks’ and ‘All watchlist stocks’. Parameters selected are ‘Qtr Results’, ‘Moving averages’ and ‘Volume and Delivery’.

The steps remain the same while using ‘Data Downloader’ through screenersportfolio, or watchlist. Select ‘Data Downloader’ from the drop-down menu of ‘Export’. Add stock groups and parameters and click on ‘Download Data’ to save the file, as shown below.