To find historical DVM scores of a stock, go to its overview page on Trendlyne’s website. The top of the page features the current Durability, Valuation and Momentum scores. Next to each of those is a line graph icon and clicking on it will show you the historical scores. 

The example here shows Infosys. Click on the line graph icon next to Durability score, as shown below, for historical data in a chart form. One can also download raw data for analysis.

Click on the icon next to Durability, Valuation or Momentum scores to see their respective historical data. 

Click on the three horizontal lines on the top-right corner of the chart and choose Download CSV or Download XLS from the drop-down menu to save the file in .csv or excel format.

You can also download the chart in an image form (PNG, JPEG) or as a PDF document.