Alternatively, if you want to create your own metrics list, click on the ‘My Metrics’ button, as shown below. 

With the 'Add/Edit Your Metrics' option, you can create custom metric lists containing up to 30 parameters. 

You can also edit or delete the lists at any given time using the same Add/Edit option. 

You can edit or remove individual parameters within the list as well and adjust the order of the metrics based on priority. This will also affect the order of columns in the resulting table.

Trendlyne also offers a 'Data Downloader' feature that lets you download tables in an excel format. While non-subscribers and Basic users can only download data for one metric set at a time, subscribers can add multiple metric sets and download the data in a single table.

You can choose metrics from pre-built sets or your custom lists under the ‘Select Param List’ on the ‘Data Downloader’ feature.