Surprises refer to the difference between the actual numbers declared by a company (like revenue, EPS, net income and EBIT) and its Forecaster consensus estimates (predictions) from analysts. The Surprises section on Trendlyne displays the percentage of difference between these two numbers, which is referred to as Surprise %. A positive Surprise % indicates that the company hit/surpassed the estimates, while a negative Surprise % indicates that it missed the estimates. 

The Surprises section provides insights on whether the company has achieved or missed the analyst estimates for parameters like revenue, EPS, net income, EBIT, and more. 


Surprises are important because these help investors track the percentage change in analyst expectations for a stock versus actual performance, helping investor understand whether the company is exceeding or falling short of market expectations.

You can also track the Surprise % for the previous quarters and years to assess the company's performance.