Investors who want to invest in a basket of instruments like stocks and ETFs in a cost-effective, easy way can use Starfolio. Starfolio baskets are created by experts. You can also create your own baskets of stocks and ETFs.

After selecting a basket, you can execute the buy/sell basket transaction by signing in with your brokerage account.

Starfolio baskets are created based on acceptable risk levels for investors. These could be high-, mid-, and low-risk baskets. The underlying securities in each basket are weighted. These securities can be stocks and exchange-traded funds. A Starfolio basket might have multiple types of securities if the broker or advisor chooses so.

An investor can choose from the readily available pre-built baskets on Starfolio through Featured Baskets on the home page. Based on his or her risk appetite, the investor can select the Starfolio of their choice.

How to invest

There are different Starfolios available based on risk criteria and investment types, which include stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, or a combination. These baskets are sorted into high, medium, and low risk, based on the appetite of investors. These filters can be applied on the menu bar on top. You can also bookmark baskets using the bookmark icon on the lower right of the basket card, to add a basket to your watchlist.

The Starfolio baskets also have additional tags assigned, which help investors find baskets with specific themes directly. For example, you can filter for Longterm baskets:

how to invest