Step 1: Gain access to your TOTP to log in through Angel on Starfolio

When you try to log in through your Angel account on Starfolio, you will need TOTP for a successful sign-in.

To get access to this TOTP, please visit the Enable TOTP screen on AngelOne’s SmartAPI

enable totp for angel broking

Image: ‘Enable TOTP’ screen on SmartAPI website

When you click on the login button, you will be sent an OTP to your registered mobile number and email. After entering the OTP, you will be presented with a QR code. This is for TOTP authentication.

Screen after you log in to enable TOTP

Step 2: Download Google TOTP Authenticator and you are set!

To get your TOTP, download the google authenticator app on your phone. This app link is for android users and this link can be used by iOS users. Here, in the app, you will have the option to scan the QR code.

Google authenticator app interface on opening the newly downloaded app

When you scan the QR code that was presented on the SmartAPI page, you will have access to the TOTP.

Step 3: Log in to your Starfoilio account through your Angel brokerage account!

Now, open the Starfolio website in a new tab and choose the Angel broker to sign in.

Starfolio log in screen

You will be redirected to the SmartAPI page where you can enter your Client ID, PIN and TOTP, which you can get from the app you already downloaded. Keep in mind that TOTP typically changes every 30 seconds. After entering the TOTP, you will be successfully logged into your Starfolio account.