One way to set up a Starfolio basket is to export watchlists from Trendlyne. Go to the watchlist section on Trendlyne and choose the desired watchlist to create the basket.

create a basket on Starfolio using Trendlyne screeners

Click on the ‘Buy on Starfolio’ button, as shown below.

export Trendlyne screeners

You will then be redirected to the Starfolio website, with all the stocks in your watchlist exported into a basket with equal weights. You can customize the stock weightage as per your requirements. You can then analyze the performance of the basket in the analytics section by stock, sector, market cap and more. If you are happy with the basket, go ahead and save it.

export starfolio button

You can also set a rebalance reminder on your basket. This will prompt you to update your basket in line with your watchlist. The frequency of rebalance is also customizable.

create screener basket

Based on the period you have selected, you will be reminded to rebalance the basket to include new entries and remove exits from the watchlist. Once the basket is created, you can invest in it via SIP or a one-time investment.