Video Walkthrough

To create a basket with your selection of stocks, first, Select the create basket option from your profile to create your Starfolio basket.

create basket

As the next step, name your basket for a better understanding of the segment.

understanding segment

Once the Starfolio basket is named, you can add the stocks in which you are interested.

As an investor, you can add any number of stocks to your basket, from (2-50). Keeping an idea, sector-specific, or future-related segments helps you create a basket like an expert.

On the search bar, you can look for the stocks which you want to add to your starfolio basket.

search stock

The list of stocks that are mostly preferred in the market can be seen as ‘Popular Stocks’, helping you add stocks to your Starfolio basket.

You can also see ‘Similar Stocks’ on the screen based on your addition of stocks.

similar stocks

Once you have added the set of stocks to your Starfolio basket, you have to choose the weight types.

Add Segment helps you create a segment oriented Starfolio basket where you can have different types of companies in each sector, which can be added with a complete understanding of the list.

add segment

For example, in the auto sector, we have car manufacturers, truck manufacturers, and different battery providers.

The segment also helps you divide the complete Starfolio basket into sections, whose returns are separately tracked.

segment section

Two types of weights are available for investors to choose from while making a basket: Equi-weight or Custom weight.

  • Equi-weight allocates the stocks in an equal proportion of values in the starfolio basket. The list of stocks are divided and have almost equal weightage in the basket.
  • Custom weight lets investors decide on the holding of the stock in the starfolio basket as you have complete control over the basket. Starfolio will try keeping the weight to the nearest whole number of shares for custom weighted portfolios.

Equi-weighted basket

equi weight basket

Custom weighted basket

custom weight basket

Once the Starfolio basket is created, you can save the basket for tracking the performance and investing later, or you can invest right away.

An Advisor can ‘Publish’ the Starfolio basket and share it with other investors.

how to save basket