Video WalkthorughTo rebalance a basket created from Trendlyne screenersnavigate to the 'My Baskets' page on Starfolio, as shown below. Here, you'll find the basket you wish to rebalance.

preview rebalancing basket

Navigate to your invested basket, visible under the ‘Investments active’ section on the ‘My Baskets’ page. Here, click on the ‘Rebalance from Source’ button.

preview rebalancing basket

From here, you will be taken to the edit page, where you have the ‘Rebalance from source’ button. Click on it to rebalance your basket.

preview rebalancing basket

This will automatically rebalance your basket based on the current stocks in the screener linked to your basket. If there are any changes in the screener’s stocks, your basket will be rebalanced accordingly.

Once you've made the necessary changes to the basket, a pop-up with the changes to your portfolio will be displayed.

preview rebalancing basket

Review the changes and ensure that everything looks fine before saving your changes. With this, the basket is rebalanced and ready for Execution or Transaction. To do this, go to the Basket overview page and click on the ‘rebalance pending’ tab.

rebalancing pending tab

Now, click on the ‘preview’ button to view changes.

rebalancing tab preview

After confirming, your broker will execute the order at the available market price after you confirm.

preview popup