The Trendlyne app offers various types of reports to provide valuable insights to users. Here are the different types of reports available: 


  • By selecting the 'Buy' button, you can access stock reports that recommend a 'Buy'. These reports highlight stocks that have received positive or bullish recommendations from analysts.

  • The 'Sell' tab allows you to filter for reports with a 'Sell' or 'Reduce' rating. This feature focuses on stocks that have been assigned negative or bearish recommendations by analysts

  • The 'Highest Upside' tab filters for reports of companies projected to have high upside potential with a high target price. This feature focuses on stocks that analysts believe have significant room for growth or an expected increase in their stock prices.

  • The 'Sector Updates' section focuses on reports that analyse specific sectors. It provides in-depth insights and analysis, keeping you informed about the latest trends, developments, and opportunities within your chosen sector. 

  • By using the 'Upgrades' filter, you can view reports that contain upgraded stock ratings. This feature helps you identify stocks that have received positive rating upgrades from analysts, indicating a more favourable outlook for those particular companies compared to their previous view. 

  • The 'Downgrades' filter enables you to filter for reports that contain downgraded stock ratings from analysts. It provides insights into stocks that have recently received negative rating changes, highlighting potential declining performance or downside risks. It helps you stay informed about downgrades and potential cautionary signals in the market.

  • The 'IPO' tab filters for reports specifically covering Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). This feature provides information and analysis related to newly listed companies and upcoming IPOs, keeping you updated on the latest offerings in the market.