In addition to accessing research reports, the Trendlyne app offers several other useful features in this section. 

Price Alerts: You can set price alerts to receive notifications when a stock reaches or surpasses your target price. This feature helps you stay informed about price movements and enables you to take timely actions based on your investment goals or trading strategies.


Add to Portfolio: If you want to include a stock in your portfolio, click on the button marked in the screenshot below.


Add to Watchlist: If you prefer to track a stock before making a decision, you can add it to your watchlist. By adding a stock to your watchlist, you can monitor its performance, track price changes, and stay updated on relevant news and information. This helps you make more informed investment decisions.Click on the button marked in the screenshot below to access this feature.


You can also view ratings from various analysts and their average target price for a stock in this section. Click on the name of the stock and scroll down to find all related reports, including their ratings and target prices.