Stock alerts provide alerts on individual stocks, and cover Price changes, Moving AveragesVolume fluctuations, and Research Reports.


In the Latest Triggered section, you can find a record of all the alerts that have been triggered for your stocks.

The Price section shows the change in a stock’s price. For example, in the screenshot below, Zensar Technologies had a day change of 5.8%.

The Moving Averages section displays the SMA (Simple Moving Average) for the stock. In the example below, Tata Chemicals’ SMA crossed above the 150-day SMA.

The Volumes section provides information on the volume change for the stock. In the example below, Exide Industries has daily volume 4x higher than the month’s average volume.

In the Research Reports section, you can access the latest brokerage reports for the stocks. In the example below, the Tata Steel report by Motilal Oswal is available for review.