DVM Score performance

The first page summary gives a quick overview of the stock before a detailed analysis of each segment. 

Trendlyne Checklist Score

The stock report includes the Trendlyne checklist score, which evaluates a stock based on its financial performance, ownership, peer comparison, value and momentum. This helps give an overall performance of the company based on the score. 

Durability Score Analysis, and Financials Check

Each segment in the summary section has a separate section for further stock analysis. For instance, the durability summary includes a breakdown of the Durability score and company financials.

Valuation Score Analysis, and Buy/Sell Zone

The valuation summary includes metrics that help determine if a company is overvalued or undervalued. This section also has the Valuation score performance over time, Trendlyne's P/E Buy Sell Zone tool, which helps investors in checking historical valuation.

Momentum Score Analysis, and Technicals

The Momentum score summary analyzes the score and technicals of a stock, like price and volume change, moving average metrics, MFI, RSI and candlestick patterns.

Comparison with Peers

The report compares the company with its peers across durability, valuation and momentum metrics. 

Forecaster Future Estimates

The Forecaster section when available, includes consensus views and estimates for the stock from analysts, including target price, consensus buy/sell/hold, and detailed future projections on the stock. 

Note that smaller companies may not have this section in the stock report if there are not enough institutional analysts covering the stock.

Shareholding Analysis and Recent Deals

If you want to check recent insider trades and FIIs, DIIs, and promoter shareholding and their trends in the company, navigate to the shareholding summary section.

About the Company, and Management Salaries

This section includes information about the company and the brands owned by the company. Management information including their gross remuneration is also available in this section.