You can access the backtest results you have run from My Backtests.

Select any backtest result and click on ‘Backtest Details’, as shown below.

You will see an overview of the backtest, including the query, start and end dates, stock grouping, and the time period.

Select the ‘Overview’ tab on the top of the page to find details like cumulative returns, benchmark returns, active returns, CAGR returns, winners/losers ratio, maximum period returns, and minimum period returns.

Under the 'Entry & Exit' tab, you can find metrics such as total stock entries, total stock exits, average stock returns, total winners/losers, and other relevant data. 

Scroll down on the same page to view the complete list of stocks in the result and click on ‘Export’ to download it in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

Click on the 'Period Analysis' tab to explore metrics like maximum and minimum period returns, mean period return, average holding period of a stock, and maximum drawdown percentage.

This section also shows the returns generated during the specific time period.