Trendlyne has the following import options: 

A. Broker Import:

The buy date in your portfolio corresponds to the date of import, not the actual purchase date. When you import your portfolio, the information about your holdings is based on the day of import. Therefore, the date you see is the day you imported your portfolio.

B. Current Portfolio Excel Import:

1. Excel Import. : Buy and Sell Transaction to implement FIFO on the portfolio (Option 2 and 3 in the dropdown)

Choose Buy Transactions template which will allow you to put Buy dates and multiple purchase Points. So entry looks like the following - This is what you seen to be looking for. Notice How Wipro appears twice.

Stock Symbol CodeBuy Date(yyyy-mm-dd)Buy QuantityAvg Buy Price
2. Excel Import. : Current holding. Here only  WIPRO, 20 Qty Avg Price 450 is needed. Date is latched to the current date.

3. Broker Import. : Current holding Same as 2 but seamless and refresh is available. The Article is about this.

4. Manual Input: (same as 1 but manual) You can enter Buy and Sell Transactions 1 by 1 using the Add Holding and Sell FIFO Buttons