The ‘Summary’ section of the portfolio report offers a bird’s eye view on the performance of both your equity and mutual fund portfolios within the selected account. This section covers key categories such as:

  1. Quick Daily Insights

  2. Consolidated Portfolio Score

  3. Performance

  4. Diversification

  5. Key Ratios

  1. Quick Daily Insights

Offers a brief overview of your consolidated portfolio's performance for the day, highlighting metrics like 1-day gain, unrealised P&L, current value, and invested amount. Note that this section includes both the equity and MF segments of your portfolio.

  1. Consolidated Portfolio Score

Review the scores assigned to your equity and mutual fund portfolios. The equity portfolio score represents the weighted average of Trendlyne’s Durability, Valuation, and Momentum scores for your portfolio stocks. On the other hand, the mutual fund portfolio score is the weighted average of Trendlyne’s Checklist Score for your mutual fund investments.

  1. Performance

An overview of your portfolio’s performance, including the total investment, unrealised profit and loss, and the percentage of gain or loss. It offers an overall consolidated performance and a breakdown of performance by the equity and mutual fund segments. This helps you identify which segment of your portfolio is performing well and which is not. 


  1. Diversification

Check how diversified your portfolio is across various asset classes and individual stocks. This considers both your direct stock holdings and the stocks held by mutual funds in your mutual fund portfolio. When you invest in an equity mutual fund, the fund, in turn, invests in stocks. This section takes into account the holdings of the mutual fund and gives you an overall view of each stock present in your portfolio.

  1. Key Ratios

Check the risk, volatility, and returns of both your equity and mutual fund portfolios. This section utilizes metrics like equity beta and MF beta to measure the volatility of your consolidated portfolio over different time frames, such as 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year.