Upgrading your subscription is easy and works like the initial subscription process. When you upgrade, the system will automatically calculate the value of the unused portion of your current subscription,  and deduct this amount from the new plan's cost. The upgraded plan will then be valid for the full duration you selected.

To upgrade, select the 'Upgrade' option, as shown below.

For example, say you subscribed to the GURUQ plan at Rs 2,190 per year on January 1, 2023, valid until December 31, 2023. 

If after one month, you decide to upgrade to STRATQ at Rs 7,425, the cost adjustment would work as follows: You will be charged Rs 5,418 for the upgrade, with Rs 2,007 deducted from the plan price of Rs. 7,425 to reimburse you for the remaining 11 months of the GURUQ plan. Your new STRATQ subscription will then start and is valid for one year from the upgrade date