A shadow basket essentially follows the stock choices of an experienced investor (‘superstar’). You can find these superstar shadow baskets on ‘Featured Baskets’ on Starfolio. 

Shadow baskets on ‘Featured Baskets' are created and rebalanced as per Trendlyne’s superstar investor portfolio. You will be able to see the portfolio of these investors’ shadow baskets on Trendlyne’s superstar investor portfolio. 

Superstar investors’ portfolios are updated quarterly on Trendlyne as and when companies disclose holdings that are more than 1%. Subsequently, their superstar shadow basket on Starfolio is rebalanced whenever there is any change in their portfolio on Trendlyne. 

If a superstar buys/sells a stake in a company, it is updated on Trendlyne, and their shadow basket on Starfolio is rebalanced to accommodate for the changes and align the shadow basket with the superstar investor’s portfolio. 

If you have invested in a shadow basket from the ‘Featured Baskets’ section, you will receive a rebalance reminder every time the shadow basket is rebalanced.