Discount codes are applicable only on the website and Android app, not on iOS, due to Apple's 30% transaction fees.

  • On the website: 

Access the ‘Subscription’ page to choose a plan.

Now, you will find applicable discount codes on the right-hand side.

Click 'Apply Discount Coupon' to view all available coupons.

Now, choose the coupon you want to use and click 'Apply' to proceed, as shown below.

Using the 'Proceed to Pay' button, continue to the payment page.

  • On the Mobile App:

Tap the three horizontal lines on the top left corner of the screen, as shown below.


Tap 'Subscription Plans' to pick a plan.

Now, choose an applicable discount code from the options provided.

Tap 'Apply' to use the coupon code, as demonstrated below.


Use 'Proceed to Pay' to continue to the payment page.