Trendlyne offers several convenient ways to import your portfolio data.

  1. Excel Import for Buy and Sell Transactions (FIFO logic implementation):

  • This option is perfect for users with detailed transaction histories, including buy dates and prices.

  • Download the 'Buy Transactions' template to input data such as purchase dates and multiple purchase points. (Click here to download the transactions file.)

  • Refer to the sample values below. Here are two entries for Wipro with different dates and prices.

  1. Excel Import for Current Holdings:

  • Ideal for a snapshot of your current holdings without a detailed transaction history.

  • This method requires just the stock code, quantity, and average price.

  • The buy date is automatically set to the current date and cannot be modified.
    Refer to the sample values below.

  1. Broker Import for Current Holdings: 

  • This option offers a seamless import of your current holdings directly from your broker. Check the list of supported brokers here.

  • It mirrors the 'Current Holdings' format but includes the ability to refresh directly from the broker.

  • The buy date is automatically set to the current date and cannot be modified.

Click here to learn about the limitations of importing portfolios from brokers.

  1. Manual Input:

  • Here, you can manually add buy and sell transactions using the 'Add Holding' and 'Sell FIFO' buttons.

  • This is perfect for entering transactions as they occur.

Each method is designed to meet specific portfolio management needs, from precise transaction tracking to quick portfolio updates. Choose the one that best suits your requirements for a streamlined portfolio management experience.