When rebalancing a basket, you have two options: ‘Most Recent Rebalance’ and ‘Adjust All Stocks’. 

The first option (Most Recent Rebalance) allows you to rebalance your invested basket based on the latest changes made to the original Starfolio basket. It does not include any previous rebalances you might have missed. 

In case you have skipped previous updates, it's advisable to opt for the second choice, 'Adjust All Stocks'. 

If you want to modify the investment amount during the rebalance, select the ‘Adjust All Stocks’ option. It allows you to specify an additional investment or a reduction in your current investment.  

After entering the desired amount, the platform will calculate the closest ideal amount (Net Amount) required to maintain the weights as close to the original Starfolio basket as possible. 

You can also enter negative values, indicating a withdrawal close to your specified amount. The amount will be credited to your broker account post-trade. 

Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to execute trades and complete your rebalancing process.