6th June, 2024

Enhanced Data Downloader

We have upgraded the 'Data Downloader' feature with a new look and feel. The Data Downloader now allows you to download data for reports from the Stock Data Downloader, F&O Data Downloader, and Portfolio Downloader from a single place.

After selecting the groups and your preferred metrics, click on 'Download Data' to download the file in Excel format. 

In the Stock Data Downloader, you can select up to two stock groups or 1,000 stocks, and up to three metric lists or 90 characteristics at once. Click on 'Download Data' to get the file in Excel format.

With F&O Data Downloader, you can download comprehensive F&O data points including OI, PCR, Rollover data and more for Indices and Stocks

In the Portfolio Downloader, you can download comprehensive holding details including Quantity, Buy Price, PnL, Trendlyne scores, Relative performance, financial data and more.


15th May, 2024

Woodie's, Camarilla, and Fibonacci Pivots

We have added Woodie's, Camarilla, and Fibonacci pivots to the Stock Technical section. These additional pivot points will help better understand potential price resistances and supports.

Woodie's Pivot Points: Calculated using the previous trading day's high, low, and close prices. The pivot point is the average of these values, with additional support and resistance levels derived from it.

Camarilla Pivot Points: Based on the previous trading range, these pivot points highlight important price levels within the range, helping to identify potential reversal or breakout points.

Fibonacci Pivot Points: Derived from Fibonacci retracement levels, these pivot points use Fibonacci ratios to identify potential support and resistance levels.

With these new additions, you can incorporate more pivot point strategies into your trading decisions.

Happy analyzing! 


24th April, 2024

AI Summary for Earnings Calls 

Introducing our newest feature: AI Summary for Earnings Calls. AI summaries provide an intelligent, concise report from earnings calls transcripts, helping customers quickly understand key points and make informed decisions without having to listen to the entire call.

Powered by our AI algorithms, the AI summary extracts crucial information and highlights from earnings calls, offering you the key takeaways, forward-looking statements and red flags/risk analysis. Keep in mind that the summary may not cover all points mentioned by the management/analysts in the earnings call, since these are necessarily concise. AI summaries are available only for calls with the pdf transcript. 

 To access AI Summaries for earnings calls, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Trendlyne's Results page.

  2. Click on Conference/Earnings Calls.

  3. Locate the earnings call transcript of the stock you're interested in the ‘AI Summary’ section.