To create a screener that filters stocks based on increasing public shareholding, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Custom Parameter

Define a custom parameter. For example, the quarter-over-quarter change in public holding, which could be named PublicQoQChangeP. The formula will be:

PublicQoQChangeP = - (Institutional holding change QoQ % + Promoter holding change QoQ %)

Note: Institutional holding includes FII, DII and other holdings.

The name PublicQoQChangeP is only an example; you can choose any name for your custom parameter.

For more details on creating custom parameters, visit our help article.

Step 2: Create Your Screener

Now, use the custom parameter in the "Create Screener” section with a query. 

For instance, if you want to create a screener to find stocks with an increase in public shareholding over the last quarter, the query would be: 

PublicQoQChangeP > 0

This query filters for stocks with an increase in public shareholding compared to the previous quarter. For detailed instructions on creating screeners, refer to our FAQ on creating a new screener.

These steps allow you to create screeners using custom parameters.